Cast This: Wanderer/Wanda

All right, so here’s the fourth installment of the Cast This poll series! Personally, when reading the book, it was difficult for me to picture Wanda’s final body, Pet. Those casting may or may not have the actress playing Pet be Wanda’s voice inside Melanie’s head for the rest of the movie. I’m interested to see how they’ll work that out. Pet is described as “petite and delicate with golden hair, freckled skin, grey eyes, and a dimple in her chin” (taken from The Host’s wikipedia page). I think a challenge with finding this actress is that she is supposed to be 16, going on 17, which means she’ll probably be a relatively unknown (and inexperienced) actress. There was one actress I felt might fit the bill and that I know has some acting potential, Bridgit Mendler.


Slightly younger picture of her

My concern with casting her is that she may be too old to play the character believably (Bridgit is 19). I know there are shows and movies that have passed older actors/actresses off as high school aged (e.g. Glee) so it’s possible they can make this work, too. Of course there would need to be some work on her hair, eyes, and freckles (and we’d have to forgive the lack of accurate chin, which I think is a minor detail).

The only other idea I had was a girl I found on imdb (Allie Grant) who is the appropriate age and I think could look the part. My only hesitation is that I’m not familiar with her acting ability, though she has had a long run on a popular tv show.

So without further ado, you can comment with your ideas for who should play Wanderer/Wanda (either her voice during the movie inside the heads of her bodies, or her final body, Pet) and will post the results after everyone’s had a chance to weigh in.

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  • Mel

    I think Elisabeth Harnois would fit! I know, she’s far too old, but she looks very young, doesn’t she?
    (Sorry about my English – I speak German!)

  • Sia

    they’ve cast Ronan for the role YES !!!

    • Nicole

      From the article, it looks like Ronan is going to play Melanie/Wanda, not Pet/Wanda (meaning she will represent Mel’s body, not Pet’s body). I love her no matter what role she is set to play!

      • Sia

        Sorry I was just excited that I didn’t even read the article lol ….

        • Nicole

          I can see myself doing that… haha. It is very exciting!

          • Jacklynwst

            When ever I pictured Wanderer after she was inserted into her new body I alawys picturered Amanda Seyfried.

          • A R Rivera

            me too! i think amanda seyfried would be perfect!

          • Dodgeman91019

            Alessandra torescani would do good bit she would need grey contacts (Caprica) she can pull of 14-25yrs old

          • Cleigha

            Dakota Fanning, is perfect, and she is 5′ 4″. if anyone looks childlike its her

      • Bellalamb33

         Personally i think Ronan would make a better wanda she is only 15 and i think it is a lot to ask her to play a 20 yr old and it would be crazy then to cast wanda as an older girl when she was supposed to be the younger one.  personally i would pick AnnaSophia Robb or a young teen actor that looks a lot like her.

  • Tiggeranga

    II think kristen Stewart would make a great Mel. She pretty much looks like her already as for wanda how about the girl who play’s Ariel in medium or Sam from i-carley. Sorry don’t know their real names x

    • LizzieScott

      Love Sam from i-carly (Jennette McCurdy) for Wanda! That’s exactly how I picture her! x

    • Lexi (lover of fantasy novels)

      I can honestly say Kristen Stewart makes me want to vomit, I hate her acting.

      • Christina R1987

        Kristen Stewart’s acting lol, please she can not act at all. I agree vomit! Her being in Twilight ruined it & every other movie she’s ever been in.

  • Monkay_girl4life

    I think Elizabeth Harnois would be a great Wanda/Pet!!!

    • Lecia_love

      I think that her face isn’t innocent enough to play Pet/Wanda. That’s probably why she plays a good bitch in movies lol. 

  • Nicole

    I always imagined AnnaSophia Robb. She is the right age and height and has the right hair color and skin tone.

    • Jensen

      I can’t see AnnaSophia Robb doing it because she is too intimidating. Thats not me saying that she is really intimidating but, she is for the part. I pictured pet as someone with a small bird like body. Also, AnnSophia’s face doesnt look shy and kind enough.

  • i pictured her as the 2nd one u listed. roundish cutesy baby face

  • Xlentladee

    I think the part of Melanie Stryders body should be played by Jessica Biel.

    • Lexi (lover of fantasy novels)

      I am completely against this idea, Jessica is too old for the role.

      • Lexi (lover of fantasy novels)

        Oops I thought you meant for the role of Pet’s body Wanda, though I also don’t like her for the part of Melanie, she just doesn’t look the part. I would choose Nikki Reed, Keira Knightley, Maggie Lawson, or Ashley Greene.

  • Laura Louise

    I like Annasophia Robb, but  she tends to play more harsh or emotional characters. Wanderer is more of a thinker inside of an excitable body. So I choose Sofia Vassilieva. She’s young, a sweet face that is easy to trust, and is small and even fragile looking. And she also fits the age of a teen lying to pretend she’s older.  She’s even got the described oval face.

  • Neverlimited2004

    I definitely always pictured Annasophia Robb. I think she could definitely play the role, and she has the right look for it. Plus, she’s actually the right age, unlike a lot of the other suggestions.

  • roza

    i think mia wasikowska shuld play wanda/pet OR taylor swift  

    • Lecia_love

      Taylor Swift is a freaking giant. There’s no way she could ever fit the roll. xD

  • JRR

     I think she is a good pick.  Wholesome, sweet look! 

  • Wdonna129

    I think wanderer should be played by Elizabeth harnois she’s lovely and although she’s not as young she’s got such an angelic face.

  • Aubreyarvidson

    Taylor Swift is the PERFECT Wanda ~ great breakout role for her too!

    • Thebeautifulundead

      Although I’m a huge fan of Taylor, she is too tall for the part. Wanda once given Pet’s body is supposed to be only like 5’2 or 5’3

  • I saw Super 8 and thought Elle Fanning could be Pet, though she’s young I think this movie will be in pre production for a while anyway 🙂

  • lauralynn

    I always pictured her about 4′ 11″ – 5′ 3″ , lots of golden blond hair with soft spiral curls down her back to her butt, and big blue eyes, so big they look like pools or lakes that you could swim in, pale porcelain complexion, rose/pink blush at the apple of her cheeks, balanced nose and chin, bowed lips,  long, delicate limbs and fingers, and moves with grace and elegance.   I guess I’m picturing a ballerina really, or someone who’s had ballet training. 

    • Lexi (lover of fantasy novels)

      I like everything about this except the eyes should be gray as they are described in the book, or at least in my opinion.

      • charley11

         oooooh pwned

    • Elin

      I think Amanda seyfried would be absolutely perfect for the part as pet/Wanda. Se has that look and i don’t think that anyone could ever be afraid of her. Perhaps she is to well known, i would like a white bunch of unknown actors and actresses in the parts of the whole the hunger games cast.

      • Elin

        Oh, i didn’t mean white my iPhone corrected me when i was trying to write whole.

        • Elin

          And of course i didn’t mean the hunger games either. I guess i write it too often now that My iPhone is starting to change everything i write into the hunger games… It was supposed to be the host

  • As long as they don’t pick someone like Taylor Swift… I’ll be okay. I am actually starting to get really excited for this movie, seeing how The Host was my favorite book for a while… and (sorry) but I loath Swift. We need someone who’s pretty new, yet who can still act… and someone who doesn’t use her songs to whine and trash other people.

    • Christina R1987

      Trash other people what are you talking about. You must be one of those (Mean People) lol. All you’re ever gonna be is mean.

  • Sofi

    I don’t thing any of those actresses fit, still I don’t know how would.

  • kristen

    I  think Mendler is better than Grant

  • Morgan

    AnnaSophia Robb all the way. 

    also, everyone keeps saying stupid Ian SomerHalder as Ian……I’m like WHAT? He looks like a douchebag, i am sorry, like next level asshole everytime i see him. ALL the time. 

    I say the Hemsworth brothers especially Liam as Ian. he is so sweet looking and that is how Ian in the book is. Not some creepy eyebrow dude that is a terrible actor. at least Liam is smooth and a sublte actor. 

    • Lexi (lover of fantasy novels)

      I think Bradley James (Merlin TV series Prince/King Arthur) as Ian and someone who looks like his brother as Kyle.

    • FictionFan

      Personally, I do not find Liam Hemsworth attractive. But I can see him playing Ian.

      • FictionFan

        Sadly, he’s not

  • Tainicka

    Hm.. I did not imagine wanderer like this…..

  • Thebeautifulundead

    I think Christina Green would be a good choice. She’s only 5’3, fair skin, green eyes. The only major changes she would need done is dying her hair blonde (or wearing a wig) freckles added and some contacts to make her eyes grey like Wanda’s/Pet’s

  • Shootingstarpress2

    One that I like is Leven Rambin.

    Though she’s not exactly a teen, she looks like one.

  • Lexi (lover of fantasy novels)

    I vote neither of these girls, i don’t think either of them look quite right for the role, even with freckles, etc. and i think that whoever is casted as Wanda in Pet’s old body should definitely be the voice of Wanda during the internal conversations between Mel and Wanda. The main reason I don’t like either of these actresses for the part is that Bridget’s face is too angular at the bottom and rounded at the top and Allie’s is far to round. Instead I would prefer Molly C. Quinn, AnnaSophia Robb, Sasha Pieterse,  or Alyson Stoner. These are my absolute favorites for the part of Wanda in the final 2 or 3 chapters because the key part of the description is the facial construction, since that can’t be changed but other things can. Jamie describes Wanda as being like an angel (and Bridget just makes me think vampire after Wizards of Waverly Place) and these actresses seem like they would be suitable for the role. Another important part is the body structure, Wanda is described as being weak and fragile and skinny and small, so having someone tall, like say Victoria Justice, wouldn’t work and having someone who isn’t incredibly skinny, like Allie, wouldn’t work. Please consider the actresses I’ve listed for the part of Wanda.

    • Lecia_love

      Molly would definitely do it for me if she had blonde/curly hair. But I also like AnnaSophia as well. Neither Sasha or Alyson would work for this roll. Sasha has a face better suited for a role that is (excuse my language) but a slut. She just has a kind of sultry look in her eyes that Wanda shouldn’t have. As for Alyson, her face would strike me as a younger Melanie. 

    • Bookworm

      Agree, on that.

  • Jasmine

    Amanda Seyfried. Just type her name into google. How is this hard?? She’s perfect as Wanda

  • Kyladenae94

    Bridgit Mendler could do it, I think. I’d like to see her as Wanda.

  • Bellalamb33

    AnnaSophia Robb Definetily my pick her height and hair is perfect and skin tone she would be the perfect Wanda and there would be absolutely nothing you’d have to change.

  • Asma_khan_18

    if u ask my openion for wanda’s role… i wil vote for Allie Grant.
    because when i read the novel THE HOST, the pictur which was formed is very similar withe Allie.
    and i thing she will suit best for pet..

  • Sprinklez4you

    I think that Bridget Mendler should do it, from what I’ve seen I think she would be great for the part, lively personality, kind, gentle, a face you just couldn’t be afraid of… perfect for the role I think

  • Stormageddon

    remember they might have to use someone over eighteen simply because the person who plays ian is? i’m not sure but that might be a concern

  • Mpliddel

    BRITT ROBERTSON. she is 22 but looks way younger and had the right look. although I could see annasophia or Dakota Fanning

  • Dodgeman91019

    Alisandra Torescani, (Caprica) could do it with grey contacts
    on the show she pulled off looks between 13-25the yrs old

  • Cleigha

    Britt Robertson from Secret circle and she is 5’3″. Or Dakota fanning very childlike actress at 5’4″

  • Nikidjan

    Emilie de Ravin. I know she’s supposed to be young, but they tend to overlook minor details like that, and she is EXACTLY how I pictured Pet. No one would be upset over a tiny age change.

    • Liv

      Like De Ravin but how about Altair Jarabo unknown to Americans but very famous in Mexico, she would be a fabulous Wanda..

  • Sweettweetnanug7

    annasophia rob would be perfect!

  • charley11

    Rose McIver. You know, the younger sister in ‘The Lovely Bones’? If you did her hair all golden with long ringlets I reckon she’d look pretty good as Wanda/Pet. She looks inocent enough and she’s definitely pretty enough.
    Personally I think that Saoirse Ronan – though a fantastic actress – doesn’t seem tough enough to play Melanie, but seeing her performance in Hanna she will probably prove me wrong. Plus, I imagined Ian with dark hair, as described in the book, and Jake Abel is blonde :/ We will see in 2013….

  • Animals 1996

    Why not look for a brand new actress. A girl who looks just like “Pet” see if this girl can act. A new actress for a new character

    • Marie

      I totally agree, I think Hollywood needs to find some fresh faces. And I don’t mean ‘fresh’ as in been in only like 5 movies, but fresh as in never been on screen before.

  • Chiara

    i think this allie grant should play sunny

  • Chiara

    i think she should be a black girl though

  • Sian Brenchley


  • Fdffdfdfdf

    annasophia robb:D

  •  hayden panettiere as the voice and then
    Elisabeth Harnois as the body because she has the face !!!
    Or the other way around because Hayden Panettiere is short. And pretty.

  • tram nguyen

    dakota fanning

  • lilawlerz

    i think that bridget mendler wudd be a good pet/wanda,because, unfortunately i watch disney channel too much, but shes too tall. maybe theres some hollywood triick to make someone look shorter. and for the voice in the head, how about kate reading, the person who read the audiobook?

  • lilawlerz

    and i agree with whoever said annasophia robb isnt quite right. shes too… idk, fierce-looking?

  • Sdoss0226

    I think Sara Shepard would be perfect. She’s super pretty and sweet looking but obviously she would need to dye her hair blonde. But if she did that I think she’d be perfect especially nice her role in pretty little liars is dating an older man, it would just give her that extra experience of how her character needs to play. Itd be sweet:)

  • Leahmaria

    I think Elle Fanning would make a fabulous Wanda (Pet).

  • Kierstyn Lewis

    All of these are good ideas, I especially like Bridget Mendler or Allie Grant but I think that Jacqueline Emerson (Hunger Games, Foxface, 2012) woul be a really good fit too. What do you guys think?

  • Whitters

    Bridget is too confident looking and outgoing. Wanda in Pet’s body is REALLY very shy and not confident and so unused to her body. The second girl is too chubby-faced for Pet and not small enough, bust area, not height. The actress is definitely short enough. They need someone who can portray a vulnerable look but still be small, cute, elegant, and graceful. Someone has already mentioned her, but Elle Fanning would be great. Except for her eyes, seeing as they’re really blue. But she is tiny and looks vulnerable while still having a kind giving attitude towards everyone. And just imagine her with the guy they picked for Ian!!!! CUTE

  • Kaya

    I think allie grant will be perfect shes got the right look

  • Marie

    I think Christina Green would be good for the role of Wanda/Pet. Physically she fits the description, and it would be nice to see some unknown talent. The only thing they’d need to do is dye her hair blonde or put a blonde wig on her

  • Willian

    i would love Bridgit Mendler!

  • The Megster

    I really like Annasophia Robb, Sara Paxton (She might be too old though), but my favorite would have to be Elle Fanning, she looks really young in the face and super petite. For me she is the best pick and exactly who imagined Pet would look like.

    • CarrontheCareBear

      I absolutely love Annasophia Robb and Sara Paxton (Im with you with the question about age), but Elle Fanning, yes yes yes! She is exactly like Pet, the one problem she is like 14. Even though in some magazines she looks 16, her body doesnt look like a 16-17 girls would. I love her, but she is too young. And well, Jake Abel may be uncomfortable kissing a 14 year old. Just saying. Good idea, but no. But Annasophia and Sara are amazing choices.

    • ggv

      I agree, Sara Paxton is the actress I always pictured as Wanda/Pet, but she might be too old D=

  • Pet

    AnnaSophia Robb all the way!!! She is perfect, don’t even know why they listed these two above… they look like real nice girls, but not Pet/ Wanda…

  • Jessi L.

    Gemma Ward

  • sami_gurl

    I’m kinda leaning towards Britt Robertson. I was thinking, MAYBE that girl from “Life As We Know It” and then as I was going through everyone else’s comments, she popped up. Wham bam!

  • Crr

    Everyone is saying Elle fanning but Dakota fanning would be better! She has a young look to her and is really innocent looking. I like Teresa Palmer but she isn’t as sweet looking and is kind of intimidating. Chloe moretz would be good but she might be too young looking. Lilly Collins is the perfect age and has that innocent look but I don’t know how she would look as a blonde. Taylor momsen (without the dark eye make up) is the perfect age.

  • Mirgir

    Dakota Fanning. (Period) but if its truly between these two or nothing I would say Bridget. Because her roll in “Charlie” is closer to that of the others roll in “weeds” :/ but in my mind DAkota fits all the requirements. Soft voice, features, innocent looking. ONLY thing not there is the chin dimple.

  • Mirgir

    Yes I said only Dakota FAnning but I agree with those who said Anna Sophia Robb ! 🙂

  • Payton

    So I just saw the host and i have read the book multiple times and I am mad about the actress they have for pet. She is the opposite of what pet should look like. I think AnnaSophia Robb would have fit the part a lot better. Pet is supposed to have long golden curly hair not short dark hair and she is supposed to be have slim features not a puffy looking face that belongs to a 40 year old woman. I love the book and wanda is my favorite character and I am just very unhappy with the casting decision for pets body