International Buyers Pick Up The Host – Potential Shooting Start Date Announced

Finally an article that sums up what we have been waiting for from Cannes.  As we know, Stephenie Meyer traveled to Cannes with the Inferno team to market the film to potential buyers.  Many international distributors have eagerly picked up the rights to The Host.  Here is the list as it stands now:

Britain – Entertainment Film Distributors (Anyone else amused that they used the slang term for Britain in the article?)

France – Metropolitan Filmexport

Spain – DeAPlaneta

Germany and Switzerland – TeleMunchen

Italy – Eagle

Benelux – Independent Films

Australia – Hoyts

Greece and Cyprus – Italia Film

Iceland – Sam Film

Russia – West

Israel – United King

Portugal – Lusomundo

Scandinavia – Mis Label

Turkey – Italia Film

Latin America – Swen

Hong Kong – Tomson Intl.

China – Fundamental Films

Canada and South Korea are close to having finalized distribution deals.

No US rights have been sold yet!  Stay tuned.

Saoirse Ronan is still attached to the project, but may still be in talks.

The article also says that the filmmakers are looking at January 2012 as a start date.  Looks like we may have The Host movie in late 2012 or early 2013 (my estimation).

Source: Variety

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  •  OK, so glad to know.  It is about time.  The Brits have made some really good movies!  I watch many of them. Can’t believe the U.S. hasn’t come up with something yet.  wonder why?????????

    • Sia

       Probably because so many US companies want the Host. So well see !  Very excited about this !

  • JMT2cu

     I know Stephenie Meyers said she is working on book #2 of the Host series, so I wonder if that is why it is so slow go… Honestly I was hoping for the second book to come out before the movie, oh well, any news is great news 🙂

  • lauralynn

     I don’t know why Summit was dragging their feet for so long but I’m glad to here that it’s been picked up by someone else.  Same thing happened to the Twilight Saga and look at how successful that turned out.  I can’t wait to see how The Host movies turn out.  
    And I can’t wait till the other two books are out. 

  • Sarahcpascoe

    lol, no-one takes us brits seriously!
    i was hoping that when Stephenie finished filming BD we would start to hear more, so fingers cross this will be the beginning of the flood gates opening, in terms of information.i have been handing out my coping of the host to every new person i meet, getting new fans interested!!

  • Andreablack12

    it’s taking forever… *sigh* but if they’re rushed it will turn out terible. PLEASE MAKE GOOD CASTING DECISIONS…(not like the decision made to play Jace from the mortal instument series….POOR DECISION!) any way I can’t wait to see the cast for this film. hopefully they actually fit the profile of the way they were described in the book. No weeklings for Jared or Ian.

    • Annabeth Jelks

      Ugh if they mess up the casting for Jared and Ian (Ian esspecialy) then they will mess up the whole movie! They already put Ronan as Melanie, and that I really don’t like. I wanted Sophia Bush to play Melanie. 🙁 I want Ian Somerhalder as Ian. Jenson Ackles as Jared. Sam Elliot as Jeb. Josh Hutcherson as Jamie. Chris Evans or Chris Pine as Kyle. Evan Rachel Wood as Wanda. And, Selena Gomez as Sunny/Jodi. If I get any of the casting that I really want I’ll be suprised. I really really want them to get Ian’s character right! The movie would be so messed up if they casted wrong, and Ian’s definatly my favorite character. :/

  • Rougebaisers

    Rosie Huntington-Whiteley in as the new pick for Melanie Stryder?