I thought I would write this post to explain how Internet Movie Data Base (IMDB) works.  We have had two rumored castings and now a third has popped up on The Host‘s IMDB page.  I think even Ian Somerhalder was listed as rumored at one point.  Very few reliable cast decisions come from IMDB.  Why?

The database is user driven.  Anyone who signs up for a username and a password can alter the information on a movie’s database page.  Anyone remember when the Twilight fandom was testing this out with the New Moon taglines?  I have contributed to movie pages when there was official information available on movies that was not on the page yet (movie posters, official synopsis, etc.).  I have also added my reviews to pages.  I could right now go on there and add an actor to the cast list that would probably start an uproar.  Before an update is added, it is checked by someone or something to make sure it is legit.  This does not always result in correct information, especially if you list it as “rumored.”

Bottom line, the way we will officially find out cast news will be through official press releases from the studio or legitimate trade magazines.  If you want a recent example, do some research and check out the sources for casting news for the upcoming Hunger Games movie adaptation.  Hopefully, we will be bringing some good news to you soon.

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  • Anonymous

    I’m so EXCITED about the casting for this movie ! I just want to know if there casting ??? I like Hunger Games but I don’t care for who they pick and I hope The Host has some incredible actors !

  • i wish it was ian somerhalder tho…..even tho it was a rumour… made my heart pang 😀