Cast This: Uncle Jeb

The third character to get a Cast This post is Uncle Jeb.  Go ahead and comment with your suggestions for who should play Uncle Jeb in The Host, and I will eventually make a Cast This: Uncle Jeb, Your Picks post.

My choice which popped into my head several months ago is M.C. Gainey, who was on Lost as one of The Others.

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  • 2autmom

    no I like Tommy Lee Jones!

  • Sia

    Sam elliott would be me choice.

  • Annem_919

    I vote for Jeff Bridges. I pictured him as Uncle Jeb the whole time I was reading the book, lol.

    • 2autmom

      OMG!! me too!! I actually was stuck between Jeff Bridges and Tommy Lee Jones! LOL!!

  • Marjolaf21

    Maybe it’s because I’ve been watching a lot of West Wing recently, but I like Martin Sheen for Uncle Jeb.

    • I don’t think I could see him as Uncle Jeb. He’s too conservative looking.

      • Marjolaf21

        I know, I know. But it’s the voice, you see? I can totally hear his voice when I read the book. I’m having a hard time visualising Uncle Jeb, but I can hear him in Martin Sheen’s voice.

        • Therealonetogether

          Oh wow you’re right. Can we just steal his voice for the movie?

  • Elizabeth

    Sam Elliott – he has those tough, rugged, survivor looks

  • Melm26

    Oooh good choice!!!!

  • monkay_girl4life

    I think Donald Sutherland or Jim Beaver would make a great Uncle Jeb

  • Bluemissgreen

    This guy he is uncle jeb you have to remember uncle jeb was very backwoodsy. He can pass so much plus he is a bit stocky he would so work. We you think of casting you have to think of the persons specific acting style and if they can pull off the part not just if you like them or they look good.(and face it alot of them look good) It has got to be the entire package. Regardless or not if they are good actors there true personailty does come out. So the person picked for either role has to be somewhat close to that personality type.

  • Sam Elliot hands down. Hes absolutely perfect for this role.

  • hbug

    I see others pictured Jeff Bridges as Uncle Jeb as I did!

  • TheHostLOVER

    i imagined Uncle Jeb as Jim Beaver the whole time – Bobby from ‘Supernatural’ and Sophia Bush as Melani and Alcide from True Blood as Jared. anyone else agree? 🙂

    • Annem_919

      I think Sophia Bush is a great pick! Joe Manganiello (Alcide) is definitely hot enough for the role, but I pictured Jared a little younger.

    • I deffo agree with Jim Beaver as Uncle Jeb! I picture him throughout the book when i read it!

  • Yea I can see him playing uncle Jeb

  • Bowlrbabe44

    haha gonna sound funny but I pictured Willie Nelson the whole time I was reading the book haha

  • Kbpaintography

    Only one that can play the part…SAM ELLIOT!!!!!

    • Mjzettle

      I second, third and again and again for SamElliot

  • Avalon1712

    I imagined uncle Jeb as Bill Murray.

    • I would LOVE that! Something actually makes me think he would be game for the role also. Great guy in person as well.

  • Btingen421

    Sam Elliott would be great, but I also like the idea of Kris Kristofferson.

    • Annem_919

      Both great candidates!

  • Jim Beaver!!

  • NightFall347

    What about robin williams as uncle jeb? hes already getting old and if we grows a beard i can practically see him as crazy uncle jeb =P
    go there and youll see a great picture of robin williams and as soon as i saw it i automatically started imagining him as uncle jeb

    (on a side note i think hayden christensen would be a great ian) ^_^

    • Annem_919

      Re: Side note: Yes! Saw “Jumper” the other day and immediately thought Hayden Christensen would be a great addition to The Host cast.

      • NightFall347

        Right? my reaction exactly XP

  • Christy

    This is exactly who I would cast! I pictured Gainey as Uncle Jeb when I read the book. Glad someone else agrees! He’d be perfect.

  • Cheryl

    One name only comes to mind, Sam Elliott. He’s perfect.

  • Freyham

    I always pictured Sam Elliott when I read the book

  • Jadedrgn

    Sam Elliott, Jeff Bridges, Kirt Russell or Bruce Willis . . . I can see them all as Uncle Jeb.

  • Maezerdoozer19

    Yeah, yeah. A lot of people have been saying Sam Elliot would be perfect. This is true, and here’s why: he looks the part, with his white hair and beard, and piercing, squinty eyes. His voice can pull off the perfect drawl that I always heard in my head when Jeb spoke in the book. And last, he can wield a shotgun like nobody’s business. 😀

    • I think Sam Elliot would’ve been perfect ten or fifteen years ago. But I’m thinking Richard Jenkins could pull it off pretty well.

  • PetalsOpenToTheMoon

    When I read it, I picture Sam Elliot as Uncle Jeb.

  • Yeah, I pictured Sam Elliott while reading the book too! So crazy! S.M. must has been thinking the same thing while writing it!

  • Kitty_zara_237

    yehh deffs sam elliott.
    you need someone to not only look the part but act it aswell nd i think sam can do that.

  • Randa1724

    Kris Kristofferson would be good.

  • Childlikeblindness

    I can’t not picture Sam Elliot for the role of Jeb 🙂

  • Kristina22a2

    Randy Quaid.

  • Cjbrown1976

    Jeff Bridges for sure, Sam Eliot would be good too, but after seeing what Jeff Bridges has done lately he would be amazing!

  • Hbarnett69

    willie nelson is who i choose

  • Manatea2

    The best person to play Jeb would be Sam Elliot!!!!