Cast This: Ian O’Shea, Your Picks

I think I have had this one rattle on for a bit too long, almost two months.  I am going to post the picks of the top five guys to play Ian O’Shea, and then I will list the names of other actors that got a vote.

The obvious #1 choice was Ian Somerhalder.

Matt Bomer— Every time a commercial comes on for White Collar, the words “That’s hot” comes out of my mouth.  Why are the gay ones always the cutest? sigh

Drew Fuller, who looks a lot like Erik Fellows.

Chace Crawford, who would not be my choice.  He is too pretty.

Wentworth Miller–the guy just needs to let his hair grow in and get away from the Prison Break look.

Other choices: James Franco, Erik Fellows, Mark Whalberg (too old, I think), and Channing Tatum.

Feel free to add more suggestions in the comments section or whether you agree or disagree with any of the selections.  Thanks!

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  • Drew Fuller

    • Angel

      Drew Fuller is magic

  • Drew Fuller

  • we can have 2 of them!! lol! the o’shea brothers are supposed to look almost the same …

    • Sarahcpascoe

      agreed!! 🙂

  • Juls

    When r they going to make the movie already? I’m having withdrawals! It’s too good of a book; I can’t stand the wait! O and I’m not to picky on the choice for Ian, as long as they get the eyes right 😉 awww gorgeous

  • Sarahcpascoe

    dont get me wrong, any excuse to watch mr ‘smolderholder’ is welcomed, BUT, i just dont think hes right for ian, kyle yes, but not ian.
    and Chace Crawford is too young.
    Wentworth Miller could pull it off.
    Mark Whalberg is faarrr to old!!! nonono!
    couldnt we have Matt Bomer as ian, and ‘smolderholder’ has kyle? they look alike.

    • Annem_919

      Totally agree with your comment, especially the last line!

  • Anna Smith

    chace crawford its perfect, and tom welling 😀 but please NO somerhalder

  • Kari

    I’m not a fan of Chace Crawford, but he looks perfect for the part! He has the sweet “I’m going to look after you and then fall in love with you even though you are an alien” look about him. But also he looks like he could hold his own in an argument/fight. The sweet innocence, compassion, and understanding in his eyes is insane! Def. my number 1 pick!

    • Sarahcpascoe

      the ‘I’m going to look after you and then fall in love with you even though you are an alien’ look is very hard to find!!
      love it!! 🙂

  • Drew Fellows! I like him, I mean if we really can’t have Ian hehe 😛

  • Drew Fellows! Yeah I like him. If we really can’t have Ian.

  • Kuncuyug

    Henry Cavill, please! Please add him, too.

  • Angelofmusi2691

    Not Ian thats all I ask. Out of those options I would love Wentworth Miller to get the part.



  • Aliciarain

    okay i can see Chace Crawford as Ian, and Ian Somerhalder as Kyle… but either way i would love Ian Somerhalder in the movie

  • Luvly_bones1230


  • ManiaK

    Ian Somerhalder plz!

  • Bluemissgreen

    Chace Crawford should be jared he is kinda pretty but I’ll bet he would look good dirty& Scruffy could do alot better. As long as he couldpull off a slightly bitter torn young man. I hope this list is not so right on. As for Ian the people have nailed it. Love the book thanks for the site.

  • supersweetxoxo

    Somerhalder is just the best for this role ! Absolutely !
    Not for Kyle, I think that Kyle is so negative and angry, i can’t think Ian as Kyle, but Ian as Ian, yes.
    And btw, he has the right eyes for it !

  • sweetie23

    Erik Fellows for Kyle!!

  • Otto_lune

    Drew fuller the best

  • Bowlrbabe44

    Ian Somerhalder!!!! 🙂 He is perfect for the role

  • Wentworth would make a good Ian but he needs to bulk up, like Batman The Dark Night bulk.

  • NightFall347

    what about hayden christensen as ian??

  • Christy

    Ian or Chase would be great choices!

  • Anna

    I’ve always thought that Ian Somerhalder and Chace Crawford are very alike, maybe Ian as Kyle and Chace as Ian?
    Although, I love Drew Fuller, so I’d like to see him as Ian (that character has totally ruined guys for me…. Man do I love him!)

  • Cheryl

    What about Peter Facinelli? His normal looks when not in Carlisle mode is much younger with great eyes. Take a look at some of the pics when he isn’t made up. While I think Ian Somerhalder is yummy he is too brooding to be Ian. He could do Jared easily though.

  • Elspeth

    That somerhalder guy looks way out of place in my head – Ian needs some ruggedness about him and he is not hard enough for Kyle. The last three choices here are much better – I like fuller and wentworth best. You cannot possibly go with somer dude!

  • Freyham

    Taylor Kinney

  • Freyham

    Taylor Kinney as Ian and Eric Dane as Kyle. Google thier images

  • Wallflaower

    Ian Somerhalder or Wentworth Miller

  • Mish.k.a

    IAN SOMERHALDER ♥♥♥♥ i’m praying for him!! and yes, i’m pretty normal 😀

  • Jadedrgn

    Tom Welling is my vote for Ian, but Ian Somerhalder would be a great Kyle

  • Guest

    Tom Welling as Ian…

  • zara

    i think maybe ian somerhalder would be good as jared, and chace as ian.
    or channing tatum as jared and wentworth miller as kyle.

  • IanO’Shea-Super Fan

    I LOVE Ian Somerhalder – love, love, love him… BUT… I’m tired of movies and TV shows not sticking to the physical description of a character when a book etc is adapted. Even though Ian is gorgeous and his eyes are amazing he isn’t really a big, tall man. I think he’s about 5 foot 9… Ian NEEDS to be tall!! Melanie is described as tall and strong for a woman and Ian needs to be tall and strong enough to pick her up etc…. I just don’t see Somerhalder in this role or for Kyle for the same reasons. Before now, I had never even heard of Drew Fuller or Erik Fellows but, as long as they are tall muscular guys, I think either could fit the bill. I can’t stand the idea of Chace Crawford!!! Too pretty… Too brooding…

    • guest

      You are dead on with this!!  Both Ian and Kyle need to be big and muscular. 

  • Kenna


  • Lauraaaaa

    Ian Somerhalder would be the best, really!

  • I like Ian Somerhalder, but I think he’s too old. But what about Graham Wardle? He’s cute…

  • Carolinaliimatta

    Ian Sommerhalder would be great! Though Wentworth Miller could really use a new type of caracter, and his career could use the boost this movie would give it. It would be interesting to see him as Ian… The fact that he’s incredible hot doesn’t hurt either.

  • Channing Tatum

  • I VOTE FOR IAN!!!!!!

  • froggy

    i dont think any of them i have read the book 3 times and none of them are how i pictured.. if i had to choose one it would be the 2nd to last one

  • I like Jared Padalecki for Ian…

  • Amy

    Channing Tatum!!!!!!! When I read this book he is the person I imagined for some reason. He would even be a good choice for Jared I think. He’s really sexy and would be perfect for this movie because he is not some pretty boy like the rest of these guys.

  • IanLover:)

    Ian Sommerhalder!!!!!!! i absolutely LOVE HIM!!!!!!!
    omg! how hot can a guy get man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • florence

    Chace Crawford and who says that ian is not pretty well he is and Chace Crawford would be perfect for the role and he ALSO has the right eyes

  • Keddy_kat

    wentworth miller… all the way

  • Kira

    Somerhalder does have the “Ian” feel to him I must admit however would really like to see Jenson Ackles in this because I think he could pass as Ian nicely

    • Tredios_06


  • Allyson Mendez

    IAN SOMERHALDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3
    i luv him in lost and in the vampire diaries!!! 😀

  • Erin

    You gotta think of who’s as deep as ian is too. none of these guys strike me as good enough actors for the role ian. hes gotta be able to carry melanie obviously lol and hes also gotta have a fierce attitude when hes upset, and be able to freak out and break down when he finds out wanda was gonna leave. and dont forget the eyes!they describe his eyes very vividly so the guy you pick cant have lame ole brown eyes.unless contacts do the trick. so im sayin for ian its gotta be tyler hoechlin. he reminds me of ian oshea almost to the T. plus hes irish too lol. match em up as perfect as you can cuz i love the book so im hopin the movie doesnt turn out horrible-and horribley wrong characters.

  • Erin

    that chace guy is good too

  • Kaitlinc8


  • Heatherj

    Ok i love Ian Somerholder but he really isn’t Ian. Ian is supposed to be broader and softer, the only reason ian somerholder fits is that they have the same name.

    • Maria-9

      I agree with you. Ian O’shea must be the  perfect on!!!!

  • Gabitea1995

    ABSOLUTELY Ian Somerhalder 

  • Twirl25

    either drew fuller or chace crawford

  • Magaray

    Tough call.  I think Ian O’Shea has to be an unknown.  Ian O’Shea is pivital.  I like him more than Jared, Jared, Jared Oh Jared.  Yuk!  Ian O’Shea is the male hero of the story (next to Uncle Jeb).

  • parnian

    just ian somerhalder.
    but I think wentworth miller is not bad 

  • Sheimary

    Ian Somerhalder!!!!!!! or Channing Tatum!!!!!!!!!! Ian and Kyle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love them!!!!!!

  • You know that Wentworth Miller is the same age if not older than Mark Whalberg. lol He is really good at aging well! He’s at least in his forties. But still totally fine! I would date him. 

  • Pooka Xo

    IAN SOMERHALDER!!!!!! <3 i just finished reading The Host for the 6th time & all i pictured for the character Ian, was Ian! He is sooooo gorgeous! <3 <3 <3 <3 i already melt from his BEAUTIFUL "sapphire" eyes! i would be so captivated watching him if – when 😉 – he gets the part as Ian O'Shea! <3

  • Maria-9

    Chace Crawfords eyes is just like Ian O’shea so just think about it.Ian somerhalder will look better if he became Kyle ”the bad one”. Agree?????

  • Maria-9

    Hello,don’t forget Zac Efron.His eyes are perfect just like Ians.

  • Ian O’shea

    Hi Zack Efron and Adam Lambert are also good enough.

  • noturbusiness


  • TheHost

    ok zac efron or wentworth miller. they both fit the character description almost perfectly, except i think maybe wentworth is a bit better… I JUST CAN’T DECIDE! but definitely those.. none of the others are that good…. 

  • Santana


  • purplevamp

    Ian Somerhalder!!!!!! <3 he may not be as muscular or tall as in the book,but otherwise he fits the description spot on! He's a great actor & he's definitely capable of playing Ian,not all of his previous film roles have been evil/broody (just watch s1 of Lost) so he should be good at playing a nice,likeable guy with ease! 🙂

  • Junk

    Ian Somerhalder and Matt Bomer

  • jjbnx

    Kellan lutz I think