Cast This: Ian O’Shea

Now I would love for you to send me your picks for who should play Ian O’Shea in The Host.  I already know one person who you would love to play him.  None other than Ian Somerhalder.  I recently started watching The Vampire Diaries Season 1 on DVD after I gave up on the show on TV after a couple of episodes.  I wish I had kept watching now because the show got quite good.  I still have one disc left, and I will have to wait on Season 2 on DVD.  Ian is quite the cutie, but he also was on Lost.

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  • HannahEAP

    Yes! Yes! Yes!

  • Sia

    He would be perfect !!!

  • Kat

    PLEASE!!!! He would be perfect!

  • Annamora23

    i don´t like him…

  • Marjolaf21

    Well, hmm, actually, I’d rather not have Ian S. play Ian. He’s pretty, and I’m sure he could do a good job and seeing him in that part wouldn’t make me not want to watch the movie, but he is getting a bit old, IMO.

    Stephenie never tells Ian’s age in the book. (But I think she said he was 25 in an interview. I could be wrong about that) However, he does end up with Wanda, who ends up in the body of an 17 years old. Ian S. is 32, and he looks 32. If you use the ‘divide your age by 2, add 7, never date anyone under that number’, Ian looks like a real creep! We can’t have that!

    I would like to suggest Chase Crawford for the part. Ian S. could play his Kyle, they look like brothers, I think.

    • Jessica

      That could work actually, cause they have the same eyes. Chace Crawford just needs to die his hair darker, then it would be perfect!

    • DuyguS

      yes yes yes ! ur a genius, its exactly ian! and Ian S should play kyle, its just perfect! thank you

  • Nadinax

    I like Matt Bommer better as Ian O’Shea, and Ian Somerhalder as Kyle.

    • Savannahjostock

      I think he would make a great Ian!

      • Shelbylautzenheiser

        haha after all, that’s his name!! it was meant to be:)

    • Katlover546

      no he doesn’t hav a crooked nose and hes to perfect to be kyle

  • Sarahcpascoe

    i think ian.s could easily do kyle. the whole scary ‘im going to kill you’ personality of kyle is kinda like damon salvatore on VD. but not as ian. ian is ment to be kind and caring and in wandas words as caring as a soul.
    i really think jared padalecki would make a good ian, but i really want jensen ackles as jared, and i doubt they would put them both in.
    but if jensen isnt going to be in it then jared padalecki for ian.

  • Ldj0719

    Ian Somerhalder IS Ian O’Shea. I would rather wait ten years to see him in the movie than see anyone else play that part!

  • Betty Rhodes
  • Gwargedd

    Drew Fuller

  • Whitney

    He is the best pick! He could totally play both Ian and Kyle perfectly!!! 😀

  • Whitney

    I was thinking. Again. About who would make a good Ian. And I think Wentworth Miller should be considered. 🙂

    However, I’m not giving up on Ian Somerhalder!!! 😀 I just think Wentworth Miller would be a goo choice as well.

    • genners

      Im all over that one! Wentworth Miller is Hot!!

  • Host fan

    Mark Wahlberg as Ian and Donnie Wahlberg as Kyle.

    • Sarahcpascoe

      too old!!id rather have ian somerhaulder in all his 30’s glory than that!

      • Host fan

        Sorry somerhaulder just doesn’t do it for me, Mark Wahlberg will be hot no matter how old he is !( in my opinion!) The guy they show picked for Jared looks like a toddler, what about Ryan Gossling?

        • Sarahcpascoe

          hes not doing it, hes says on his twitter.
          ians ment to be 24, and when wanda goes into pets body at the end shes only 17. as someone has already said it has a creep factor!
          and i know height doesn really play a big part(look as taylor as jacob in twilight) but ian and kyle are ment to be big and tall, and scary looking.
          i think they might have to get no name actors, just to please everyone!
          ian .s does do it for me, but even as a fan i dont think he would be right for this role.

  • Kay

    I think Nate Archibald would be a much better Ian…Ian Somerhalder is too scary looking

    • Shelbylautzenheiser

      he’s HOT! Yes yes yes!!!! i love his smart alic to be funny personality:)

  • Michismart

    He is awesome but I think….
    He cant be Ian O’shea

    • Katlover546

      no hes perfect for the part

  • Jelena

    I couldn’t agree more.
    He looks soooo like Ian O’Shea.
    If Ian Somerhalder doesn’t play Ian O’Shea, I won’t watch the movie, cuz I can’t imagine any other actor playing him.
    Somerhalder is PERFECT! 😀

  • Elizabeth

    Ian Somerholder is the Ian I see in my head when I read the book. He’s 31 now. I hope they make The Host before he gets too old to play the part. The Host was supposed to start filming next year, but the International Movie Data Base (IMDB) recently changed the status of the movie from pre-production with Andrew Niccol listed as director and writer and Stephenie Meyer listed as a writer, to in-development with no names attached to it, not even Stephenie’s. This is a step backwards in the time frame. I think 2012 is more likely for filming now.

  • Klv333

    no, channing tatum!

  • Shelbylautzenheiser

    i said he would be a good jared right after i read the book in 2008. i was right!! now i think a good jared would be channing tatum:)

  • Selzeinab

    Alex O’Loughlin as Ian O’Shea…!

  • Leticiams_10

    Somerhaldes it’s good. But i think that James Franco it’s gonna be a perfec Ian, and he is a great actor too. Here some pictures of him: and

  • Kkwint5010

    Somerhaldes would make a great Ian. He portrays the energy level that Ian needs and the eyes. Good call.

  • Melina

    I totally agree with you! I believe Ian Somerhalder should play the role of Ian O´Shea!

    “He has the leading role of Josh lined up for Cradlewood and there are rumors and fan movements linking him to the role of Ian O’Shea in the movie version of Stephenie Meyer’s The Host.”

  • Ian Somerhalder is the perfect Ian O’shea!!!

  • Kaylana

    I think Ian S. is perfect to play Kyle. He just has that look about him. Either Chace Crawford or Nate Archibald is absolutely perfect to play Ian. They also look somewhat related so it would be perfect!

  • sara

    I think he will be perfect

  • Isabell

    Hey, it’s Izzy from The Host Fandom :)!! I would die happy if Ian Somerhalder was casted as Ian! I wouldn’t mind seeing Erik Fellows play the part either. Can’t wait to see the entire cast finally announced!



  • I.O’S-IA

    Just to be annoying, I’m going to point out that you need identical twins to play Ian and Kyle O’Shea, because they are exactly a like, except Kyle has a crooked nose. So you can’t tailor pick one, unless there’s someone out there in the big wide world that looks pretty much like him.

  • Mmgutierrez31

    chace crawford is a better ian, ian somerhalder is more ian’s brother.
    and i think sam elliott is a good uncle jeb!

    • genners

      Like the Sam Elliot for Uncle Jeb

  • victoria

    also theres the fact that ian and kyle are supossed to be huge and identical except kyle yell and has a crooked nose. ian somerhalder and chace crawford are really thin to me.

  • from the netherlands

    Ian Somerhalder cannot play Ian, it just doenst feel right,
    Chase Crawford is the perfect ian.

  • Velcro96

    no, i dont like him either

  • Bluemissgreen

    Ugh James F. not right not manly looking enough. He needs to look strong and meek. And act it as well.

  • Alyssa

    OMI! He’s perfect!

  • Ali

    Noo it has to be Jared Padalecki..

  • sm lover

    he would totally fit i agree that he should play the role

  • NightFall347

    i think hayden christensen would make a pretty good ian. but ian somerhalder seems a bit too evil to me to really play ian o’shea, instead he could play kyle, it seems he already has that evil ook down ^_^

  • Hotchick90210

    Ew no. He looks too… mischievous. Ian needs to have a softer looking face.

  • Hotchick90210
  • sweetie23

    This guy is perfect for Ian!

  • Wallflaower

    i think he would make perfect ian

  • Mish.k.a

    He’s perfect..

  • Ian’as’ian’o’shea

    most people are saying on VD he is all dark and evil but thats just his character, ian somerhalder (not damon salvatore his character) may be able to be a really good ian but we wouldnt know because we mainly know him for damon, give him a chance i think he’d be perfect as ian o’shea

    • DarkRaven

      Yeah Just look at his performance on “Lost” as Boone.

  • he’s cool. but i want drew fuller..

  • Everyone Frk

    He look like Ian O’Shea, I think. 🙂

  • Txaggie

    If anyone bothered to watch him on Lost you would see a differnt side of his acting. The whole show was about hard work and survival. Even though he dies before the first season he was one of my favorite charcters ever before I knew his name. Even though he plays Damon in the Vampire Diaries dosen’t me ha can’t act in any other way except evil and snarky. He should be the one to play Ian, ituick the filmmakers will regret it if he dosen’t.

  • Xxm_ary

    he is ian o shea for me i wish they would pick him

  • miss.azam

    ian somerhalder is PERFECT for this role.although people are saying he loooks a little too scary and i will kill you type well,then they are wrong because in tvd also there is one side of him that is so sweet and loving and really touching so he wuold definitely be perfect for the role also because of his sparkly and different eyes and his smile.

  • The_midnight_beast

    AMAZING!! He is perfect!

  • Hellen_fer

    I second that motion Ian Sommerhalder is perfect for the role.

  • TheHostRules!!

    Ian O’shea should look like a more caring.. like a soft look.. and Ian somerhalder looks too evil-ish to be Ian, and Somerhalder also played in a lot of movies already so it would be kinda boring to see this character play in this movie.
    The Host is an original idea which needs original characters, not characters thatare used over and over again.

  • TheHostRules!!

    I think that Keenan Tracey would make an excellent Ian… because I sorta pictured him that way when I read The Host. And Keenan is really talented…

  • Katlover546

    Come on people hw would make the perfect ian o shea hes so handsome and perfectly goood for the part comeon be nice hes prfect for this part

  • Laura Louise

    I feel that Garret Hedlund would do a great job as Ian. He’s played good kick ass characters along with sweet and understanding. And possibly Liam Hemsworth as Kyle. Although Hemsworth is young, he seems older. Kyle is a pretty simple character. Angry through most of the book, then he gets sweeter towards the end upon meeting and better understanding Sunny.  I am biased, I will admit. But I would not choose an actor just because of looks. He has to actually be good! And also these two look a quite alike, voices are close, height is only two inches off and both have broad, strong builds.

  • Inuyasha2684

    i picture ian bigger, more “fluffy” i guess, not so hard and lined. 

  • Miranda_baker

    i think he is awesome I could see him playing ian oshea, but i think he is more siutable for the role of kyle. he can pull it off, i know everyone says he’s “he can play a sweet character”, and i agree with that, but his acting displays, on movies and tv (especially vampire diaries) suggest that he should play a role that is stubborn and headstrong. that way we can still oooo and ahhhh at his hotness, and have him still playing a perfect part for him. Ian s. is awesome!!!!!!!!!

  • Nikkip

    the guy who plays emmet in twilight! he would be good!

    • Ian O’shea

      Omg!!! You mean Kellan Lutz that will be awsome!!!!!!!!!

  • Wdonna129

    Definitely he is the perfect person to play Ian, so totally hot. He was so very sweet in lost.
    I don’t agree with him playing Kyle although he’s the bad brother in vampire diaries he shows his love for elana better than stefans character.
    And he’s got gorgeous blue eyes.

  • ambermichelle pfenninger

    PICK HIM HE IS THE BEST FOR THE PART!! hes cute hes a good actor and his real name is ian! PERFECT FOR THE PART!!

  • Erin

    not the ian in my mind at all

  • Heatherj

    I really don’t get it he isn’t Ian!!! It will be so annoying if he was Ian

  • genners

    They’ve got to pick two men who are very similar to look at as Wanda describes them as looking very similiar but Ian having a kinder and softer face. Kyle has the more stern and angry face. Dont know who could fill those spots without them cocking it up!

  • genners

    Javier Bardem and Jeffrey Dean Morgan would b perfect as they so look like brothers but they’re too old unfortunately!!!!!!!!

  • genners

    Leonardo Di Caprio / Emile Hirsch could work if the had darker hair

  • snigdha

    chace crawford and ian somerhalder would  be THE ideal O’Shea brothers…….

  • Sammii

    I would have thought that they would have two people who look practically identical to play as Kyle & Ian. They are supposed to be twins and sound/look like each other in the book… however if they are just making them as brothers then Ian Somerhalder would be a good choice 🙂

  • vampiregirl591

    hmmm ..i m confused! he is cool but ian o’shea  …should be someone else 😀

  • Joka..

     Aaaaaaaaaa   he  beautiful!!

  • Geckolover

    he wouldbe a better Kyle since he has a crooked nose and looks scary ._.
    Ian has a perfect nose and should be a nose model lol.