No, Jared has not been cast.

I am going to go with the majority here and say Brody Emerson has not been cast as Jared in The Host.  I do not know the things that people can do when they have an IMDB Pro account or a eager publicist, but it is safe to say that he is too young for the part.  The Host Fan also got a tweet from Brody Emerson saying that he does not even know what The Host is.  As for Erik Fellows as Ian O’Shea, nothing official has been announced so I am just going to leave that as a rumor until I hear otherwise.  Erik does have a twitter that you can check out.  He does actually have an acting career, so he does stand a chance to play Ian.

I went a little Perez Hilton on the photo for emphasis.

As always, send news on the movie my way if you have any to share.

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  • Sarahcpascoe

    thank god for that!!! no offence ment but unless he was gona play jamie i dont think he should be in the host!! jensen ackles all the way for jared!!!

  • Gregharris

    I really like the idea for Erik to play Ian…he looks the part. I guess we will see what happens

  • Whitney

    Ian Somerholder has to be Ian O’Shea!!!
    Plus he could also play Kyle!!!

  • Kkwint5010

    I may be late to the game, but has anyone thought about Karl Urban as Jared. He needs to be older and I don’t think Brody really fits the bill. He was most recently in R.E.D. as the CIA agent tasked with bringing Bruce Willis down.

  • erik fellows would make a good kyle… but ian somerhalder should be ian… and jensen eckles should be jared!

  • Annem_919

    What about Brian Austin Green as Jared? He’s been on recent episodes of Desperate Housewives. I don’t know, maybe he’s a little too old for the role, but THAT is the type of guy I picture as Jared. Jensen Ackles was a great suggestion too!

  • Ari

    THANK GOD! I mean the kid is cute but CUTE does not cut it.

  • veronica

    in my head i think Lukas Haas should play Jared’s role

  • Ashita

    I think the best:
    Jensen Ackles – Jared
    Odette Yustman – Melanie / Wanderer

  • Priscila

    I Would love to see Ian Sommerdale as Ian O´Shea!!!!!!!! An Ian for an Ian!!!

  • Priscila

    Sorry, Ian Somerhalder.

  • Priscila

    And of course…Jensen Ackles as Jared!!!!!

  • Val

    Stephanie describes Jared as what I would call a sexy surfer dude.  I looked up Chris Fisher from Blue Crush 2 as a great example for Jared. Ian and Kyle look so much alike that they could be twins.  All three of these guys are huge and close to 30 years of age. Ian Somerhalder is one of my favs, but he is a small guy so the whole cast would have to be set around him to resemble the book. They also have to cast large men to small women in some of the cases. Tough. I agree with all the posts about Chris Evans. He is funny, romantic and has that fabulous smile. Oh, and he is a big guy, but not to many look a-likes for him so I am not sure he can play one of the brothers. This Jensen doesn’t suit if you ask me. Although if he could pass for chris’ brother, then I’m up for casting them as Kyle and Ian. Please don’t forget my favorite for Jared, Matthew McConaughey. Perfect big sexy surfer! Christain Bale as Doc. Sam Elliot as Uncle Jeb. Sophia Bush has the perfect LOOK but not the personality. The young lady that they have cast for Melanie, I believe she is very talented and will portray the character very well, but I also think that they will have to transform her to look more like the book Melanie for the fans. At least it will be very much appreciated. Jared needs something to hold onto. LOL