Cast This: Melanie Stryder

Alrighty.  I am going to try something new here.  I am not planning on having a forum on this website just because I am having enough trouble just maintaining this one site (ha ha, but seriously).  Melanie Stryder is titular character of The Host movie, and it seems to be the character that most people are overlooking in terms of who is going to be cast.

What actress would you choose to play Melanie Stryder? And why?

I will update this post with photos of the more popular submissions or all of the submissions if there is not too many.  I personally do not have someone in mind, but I have seen a lot of actresses pictures included in graphics for other fan sites.  I really need to reread The Host to put my two cents in here, so for now I will abstain.

Reply to the post with your suggestions.  Let’s see how this goes . . .

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  • Sia

    I would love anybody who can act and doesn’t have blinking problems.

    • Anonymous

      Finally someone say it!!!

    • Anonymous

      I love Kristen Stewart but her mannerisms really bleed into every character she portrays. She needs some acting lessons, but apparently they “would ruin” her. Seriously?

      • Sarah

        OMG THANK YOU!

  • HannahEAP

    I can’t think of her name, but she was the main actress in Last House On the Left

  • Sarahcpascoe

    iv seen pics of plenty of women who would look the role, the problem is iv never seen them act and its not just about looks. i cant think of anyone who iv seen acting that looks the part aswell!

  • Anonymous

    I always tough in Amanda Peet. ( I know Mel was suppose to be more young, but my brain dont care about that!) She is my Mel.

  • Marjolaf21

    I would love to see Mary Elizabeth Winstead in the part of Melanie. She would be perfect, IMO: she’s the right age (or close enough to please anybody but the nitpickers), she’s got the right look (the dark hair, the tan, the height, and she looks athletic) and she can really act. She could pull off both kick-ass Melanie and shy Wanda.

  • Anonymous

    I would LOVE to see Q’orianka Kilcher play Melanie. She has pretty much the exact look I imagined for Melanie and the girl can act (won 3 awards already)! She played Pocahontas in The New World. I wasn’t really a fan of the movie, but her acting really stood out for me. She’s pretty much the only person I have seen that I can imagine in the role.

    She has that strong, defiant look, but can still play the shy, scared little girl – as well as a fighter and a leader (as she’s proven). Here’s a good image of her: She’s tall with dark skin and dark eyes, and she’s only 20.

    If you want to check her acting, here’s her in a trailer for her newest movie:

    Just picture her with her hair cropped around her face and dyed a shade or two lighter. 🙂

    • Sarahcpascoe

      good actress, beautiful face but shes too asian looking.

  • Mane Bellamy

    i think Troian Avery Bellisario is almost perfect… she is beautiful and looks like she could kick your ass… love her… the only problem is a little thing called…pretty little liars….

  • Djdamith123

    I think it’s Jaimie Alexander who should cast Melanie Stryder
    See 4 yourself…..

    • Sarahcpascoe

      ohhh, shes pretty!! defo got that mel look, whats her acting like?could she pull off 2 people in the same body?!

  • Melissa

    I also pictured Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Melanie / Wanderer! After I read the book, I saw this photo on, and it really confirmed it for me:

    Did anyone see her in Live Free or Die Hard? 🙂

    • Tiffyrocks_613

      she just doesnt seem right to me

  • Kel

    I think Sophia Bush would make a brilliant Melanie !!!

  • Kuncuyug

    I think Odette Yustman should play Melanie.

  • Becki

    Definetely Sophia Bush. She’s an amazing actress!!

  • islandprincess

    Odette Yustman would be a really good Melanie! And they should really have Jensen Ackles and Jared Paledecki as Jared and Ian

  • Whitney

    Nina Debrev would be the BEST Melanie Stryder!!! 😀

  • W&I

    Sophia Bush would be a brilliant melanie 🙂

  • Causingaxscene

    I think Shelly Henning would make a good Melanie. Shes pretty, and she can act. She is Stephanie Johnson on Days of Our Lives.

  • toryz
  • Jane

    I think Vladislava Latypova can make a great Melanie. Sne is beautiful and she’s got a big talent! Her MySpace:

  • Rayche

    I read the book a really long time ago, but I think Megan Fox would be a great Melanie Stryder.

  • anon

    Jaimie Alexander for sure!

  • Glenda

    I think that it would be best if unknown actors are cast in the film. What do you think of Saltana Bekturova for Melanie? She is an upcoming british actress.

    • Rachel

      Interesting face! why not?

  • I am currently re reading the host and think sophia bush would make an amazing melanie/wanda… as would chyler leigh

  • Sarahc

    I think Michelle Ryan would be a great Melanie 🙂

  • Kaylana
    • Hammyburger

      that cover is great! did you make it?

  • Cass

    i truly belieev i would like to see Troian Avery Bellisario, one she look liek she can takes of herself and what stoood out to mee is that her eyes.. look like she is looking righ tinto your soul, which stuck out to me as wanderer. Even after i saw the second pic she haunted me…

  • Mmgutierrez31

    i think Jaimie Alexander looks the part for melanie.

  • Ali

    jessica alba deffinatly

  • Bowlrbabe44

    Nina Dobrev…or Sophia Bush…they would both be good 🙂

  • NightFall347

    Camilla Belle as Melanie!!!!!! period shes perfect for the role check out to see a great pic of her as Melanie!

  • Kristina22a2

    piper perabo

  • Pamzy180

    sophia bush

  • ian’as’ian’o’shea

    nina dobrev – she’sgot the dark hair and the slightly pale skin which i always imagined an melanie, plus melanie’s quite vulnerable but definitely has a tough side, she doesn’t let many people see the vulnerable side, we’ve already seen proof that nina can pull this act off, i think she’d make an amazing melanie

  • Annnhica

    id love to see sophia bush and jensen ackles in this movie….

  • Immy

    I agree Sophia Bush- @Kaylana you made a fantastic DVD cover- it looks great!

  • moolie

    i agree with for sophia bush, and for Wanderer i really really think that Amanda Seyfried is perfect!

    • Cecilia

      I do not think bush is right for the part as Melanie, but Seyfried would be perfekt as Wanda!

      • Johanna

        Do you mean Wanda at the end of the book when she takes over Pet’s body?

  • cocleix12

    i see Anne Hathaway for Melanie because the way she is described in the book looks how she looks and i admire Anne’s work and she’s a really talanted actress

  • Sophia Bush would be AWSOME to play Mel. I just finished the book and loved it! Stephenie Meyer is my favorite author eva! I just wish I knew when the movie is coming out so I can grab tickets. If she makes the second The Host book, I’ll grab it as soon as I can. Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn was awsome too, but The Host is my absolute FAVORITE book EVER! And that is saying something because I WORSHIPPED The Twilight series. I mean posters, games, books, movies, and shirts. I don’t mean like shrines, stone carvings, and huge rooms, but I was a huge fan. My point is that I was a big Twilight fan, but now, it is my second favorite series right next to my all time Favorite: THE HOST !!!!! Sorry I kinda made this too long, but I just wanted my favorite author to know how much I appreciate her and her work. Keep making those great books Steph!

  • Sharon

    I can definitely see Troian Bellisario as Melanie Stryder….

  • Sweetfairy1987


  • Army Babe86

    Megan Fox would make a great Melanie she just looks the part!

  • Shorty4ever1995

    I’m not sure who to have for the other cast members but Jessica alba should totally be Melanie

    • Cecilia


  • ninja

    she cant have pale skin, becuase in the story she has tanned skin and brown hair and she tall and athletic not a pale sexy supermodel…just saying….

  • thehostisAMAZING<3

    i want sophia bush and jensen ackles too! 😀

  • SouthAfricanBushBaby

    I think that the actress they have on the trailer would be the perfect Melanie, as Melanie is rather crude and tough in the book, though Wanda isnt- So the big question is, who plays the human body for Wanda?

  • Ashleighhc

    Missy Peregrym for Melanie!

  • Jensen Ackles, & Odette Yustman would make my DREAM cast! perfect roles…love it.

  • S-

    Sophia Bush just doesn’t seem to fit. Mary Elizabeth Winstead would be perfect. She has the more exotic look that i feel Melanie has, and she doesn’t carry an impression from her old acting roles. Sophia, to me, would not fit because I would think of her too much from her role on One Tree Hill.

    • Cecilia

      I AGREE! I truly love Sophia Bush but she looks almost to sweet for the part, AND ofc she will always be Brook…

  • sophia bush and when will the host come out in the movie theaters

  • Erin

    lyndsy fonseca!!! What do people think to her? I’m going to read the book again soon so maybe someone else will pop up.

  • Hellen_fer

    I think kristin kreuk would be a great melanie. she is a great actres, has the right look and we know she is athletic I mean just watch the street fighters movie and see for your self. I really thi nk she should be melanie

  • Laura Little 09

    I think that Olivia Wilde would make a perfect Mel because she is strong, sexy, and a great actress. I think she could pull off that inner termoil quite well.

  • Madi

    Sophia Bush all the way! she would be amazing to play Melanie!!!