Jared has been cast???

We want to welcome Brody Emerson to The Host!  He has been cast as Jared Howe.  He is our first official cast member that is not listed as “rumored.”  Check out Brody’s IMDB page here.  He is relative newcomer to big movie productions.

He does have a twitter account. @BrodyEmerson  I got the picture from his profile photo, and I think he looks a lot better than the headshots on IMDB.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to Jo Anne for the heads up!

**If this turns out to be false information, I will let you know. AND I AM LEANING TOWARD FALSE.  It would be great if IMDB actually monitored what was posted on their site.

Update March 24, 2011–I just happened to be looking at this guy’s IMDB site again today, and I noticed he changed his name to Jason Schmidt and his twitter account no longer exists.  Odd.  So please, everyone who continues to read this post and comment, Jason/Brody will not be Jared.  Let’s get excited for the real cast to be announced soon.  No more of this rumor stuff . . .

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  • Mairead

    ewwww, that is not jared. that looks nothing like jared…

  • Phillipshannah79

    Yes. The head shot made him look very adolescent. I was worried. Now, I hope Ian Somerholder will be cast as Ian, or atleast someone less surprising

  • Sia

    What the hell ? He look nothing like the Jared I had in mind and didn’t someone twitter him asking if he’s in the Host and he said he had no idea what that was ?

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  • Sia

    On the Hostfans twitter Emerson said he declined the audition. Loss opportunity for him just because he wasn’t willing to do the homework. His loss.

  • Anonymous

    I looked at his twitter and he has not mentioned anything to anyone with the @ tags. If he direct messaged them, then it would not show up. If IMDB is wrong, which it often can be, then I will edit this post. So far, no one has let me know definitively that it is incorrect.

  • Herbeautykills

    I agree! He is way too young to play Jared! Also he looks nothing like how Jared is described in the book?!!

    but I think its false info…


    • :)

      please we want jenson he’s perfect for the role…and he looks too young to play jared and he’s not buff enough i want jenson!!!!!!!!

  • Vanessa

    I really really hope this is a rumor, he’s way too young – younger than me! Jensen Ackles pleeeaaaaaase!

  • Insurgere

    I reeeeaaalllly hope this is a rumor too! This guy is nothing like Jared is described and is too young. I sure hope they don’t ruin this movie from the start.

  • Gemma

    Confusion. Better be false. In my mind Jared was very.. Matt Damon like and Blonde.

  • I hope its false too. Maybe its not Jared but Jamie… /hopeful

  • Sia
  • Just Me

    He looks like Jamie not Jared… I actually think of a young Patric Swayze, Ryan Reynolds, or Penn Badgley.

    • Whitney

      I totally agree! He looks like Jamie!!!


    • Bubbles;)

      Definitely not Jamie!!

  • Marinarezendegonzaga

    No, he’s not Jared…. Jared is beautiful, and this………

  • Trixie

    Nope this can’t be Jared. No one would be able to imagine this guy as Jared… Maybe he could be Andy or Aaron haha 🙂

  • Mika


  • Sarahcpascoe

    there is no way he could get away with playing jared, even if he is the best actor in the world!! has everyone forgot that jared was 26 when mel 1st met him, before they spent 4 years together! he would make a good jamie

  • Helen

    He is the exactly opposite of Jared! I don’t think he could play Jeremy, either.

  • Ravenwings

    I happy host is becoming a movie and I would definately watch it, but I am unhappy because I loved watching it alot more through my imagination. And Brody Emerson looks NOTHING like I imagined Jared to be, but most of the other comments are right he’ll to fine as jamie.

  • Natalie

    This better not be jared.sorry kiddd…but jareds supposed to be really big ya know?

  • Anonymous

    No he is not Jared. and he cant be Jared! He actually turned down the role!

  • Becki

    NOOOOOO, please be false 🙁


    • Adragos

      yes , more like it

    • rosayyx3

      haha..we should start a campain! Jensen Ackles for Jared!!

  • Morgan Waldman

    ya this guy was born in 1990 and Jerad is supposed to be in his late 20’s almost 30 i dont like this at all i really hope its false cuz i love this book an would really like this movie to turn out perfect.

  • Honey

    Jared: Jenson Ackles.. of course! For some reason I see Ian as..Ian Sommberhauld, something like him anyway. Maybe its cause they have the same names.. Haha (:

  • Natalia

    WTF????!!!! He`s to young to play Jared. Jared is much older than Mel!!! He`s like 30 or something. This guy is a 20 year old kid….

  • maggie

    he doesnt look like jared AT ALL!! i want cam gigandet…

  • Shelbylautzenheiser

    i want channing tatum!!!

  • Supergrl9319

    Luckily Brody Emerson isnt in the host. Rumor has it he has checked into rehab in Malibu!!!!!!

  • Supergrl9319

    Luckly Brody Emerson isnt playing Jared. Rumor has it he has checked into Rehab in Malibu!!!!! Prays For him!

  • Ana

    he is to young to play Jared and to old to play Jamie -.-‘

    • Bubbles;)

      Josh Hutchardson would be a great Jamie!!!!

  • I really hope this is a rumor… this guy looks nothing like the description of jared…

  • Crystal

    No, he is too young to be Jared. There is no way this is Jared.

  • Bubbles;)

    Dude Josh Hutchardson would be a better Jamie! Ian and his brother, I am drawing a blank on his name, I think Ben and Casey Affleck would be good to play as the O’Shea brothers.

    • Summergirl

      hello. i just wanted to say: josh hutcherson is too old, plus, he’s in ‘the hunger games’ movie now, which is a trilogy. so quit it.

  • guest

    I agree this guy is way to young to play jared. jared should be played by someone more masculine such as cam gigandet (burlesque/ never back down) or jensen ackles (the wb’s supernatural) . I think mila kunis (the book of eli/ that 70’s show) would make a great melanie.

  • Mikayla

    Agreed with just about everyone, I think Jensen Ackles should be Jared, he looks nothing like the description of him!

  • Jsndiaper

    Josh Hutcherson is too old to be jared.. he is like 18 now..

    • Jsndiaper

      woops i meant jamie

  • kelly


  • Del420akatherealslimshady

    jensen ackles would be so amazing for to be jared 🙂

  • laura

    I don’t want to see him as Jared. He’s nothing like i imagined. Jensen Ackles would be great! I hope they won’t screw this up, it’s just an amazing book.

  • Jenni

    Jensen Ackles pleasee <3 🙂
    and Ian Somerhalder for O'Shea!
    and i really don't care who plays Jamie, Melanie, ext..
    I just wish that Ian and Jensen are in the movie 🙂 hope that's not too much asked 🙂

    • Sdag


  • L Browning_89

    if he is really cast as jarred im gonna crack it.

  • Jay

    Omg jensen ackles would so be perfect as Jared. He is beyond gorgeous!!!!

  • cuddles

    Jensen Ackles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ian’as’ian’o’shea

    ian – ian somerhalder
    jamie – josh hutcherson
    jared – jensen ackles
    melanie – nina dobrev
    leonard knight – walter
    doc (or jeb) – hugh laurie
    *fingers crossed so much i have a cramp* this, in my opinion would be a perfect cast, with the others of course, couldnt think of perfect actors for them

    • Me

      If you put Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder together in the same movie, you’ll have nothing more than a new story of the Vampire Diaries tv series.
      There would have to be a choice. I think Ian Somerhalder would be a better “Ian” than Nina Dobrev would be as “Melanie.”
      And yes, Jensen Ackles would play the BEST Jared 🙂
      If they cast Brody Emerson as Jared, then they’ve ruined the movie.

  • Tiffany14250

    Ian Somerhalder as Ian!!!!! Chad Michael Murray or Channing tatum as jared !!!!!!!:)

  • Bell M Rose

    HELL NO!!! Just no ok!
    If Jensen doesnt get picked for this role the whole movie will be ruined. Listen to what the fans want! Give us Jensen!!!

  • Lakrishablevins

    noooo plez no

  • Wolfiegirl12

    why do you think it’s false? it came from IMDB didn’t it?

    • Sarah

      IMDB is kind of like wikipedia. Anyone can contribute information to the pages. It is not always trustworthy.

  • Gothchick62

    JARED LETO WOULD MAKE A WELL BETTER JARED <not cuz they have the same name

    • Ha! I have been infatuated with him since high school when My So-Called Life was on. I am seeing his band, 30 Seconds to Mars, in concert tomorrow.

  • Queenredz

    He seems way to young!

  • Bookwormprincess14

    omg hes just as i imagined jared in the story. i think he’ll be wonderful boo hoo jensen ackles

  • Lizbeth


  • Lizbeth

    This really has to be false. PLEASE let it be false. I will be so upset if he plays Jared. He looks just like a kid.

  • Camelia Ghetreff

    Nooooo !! We Want JENSEN ACKLES !! 🙁

    • Guest

      Can you delete that com ? I made the terrible mistake to say my name .

  • Keyla

    OMG ! No, no, noo ! WE WANT JENSEN !!!!! 🙁

    • Guest

      This one too.

  • Dee

    Christian Ericksen would make the best Ian O’Shea.

  • Petra


  • guest

    ‘I agree. Jensen Ackles would be a perfect Jerad, however, Ian Somerhalder would not make ‘the perfect’ Ian. I think that Ian Somerhalder can’t do nice guy as well as he does brooding and angry [Lost vs. Vampire Diaries] However, Ian would make the perfect Kyle, and Ian would be better cast as someone like Chace Crawford. Chace pulls off nice guy and can pull off brooding and angry, and Ian Somerhalder and Chace Crawford do somewhat look alike and Kyle and Ian are supposed to look alike… However if this guy ^ is cast as Jerad, it has the potential to be as disappointing as Robert Pattinson was for Edward…

  • guest

    I agree with Jensen Ackles… He would make a fantastic Jerad. Ian Somerhalder would be better cast as Kyle rather than Ian… Somerhalder does angry and brooding so much better than he does nice guy [Lost vs. Vampire diaries] Ian and Kyle look a lot alike in the book, even for brothers, so if Somerhalder is considered for Kyle, I think Chace Crawford would make the perfect Ian. Ian Somerhalder and Chace Crawford look alike enough to pull off the brother duo, and Chace Crawford could do the nice guy role a lot better than Somerhalder. I’m not trying to kick Somerhalder to the background because I think he is fantastic, he just makes angry and brooding super sexy.

    • Lorren


      Melanie- Odette Yustman or Sophia Bush but mostly odette
      Wanda- Elisabeth Harnois
      Jared- Jensen Ackles
      Ian- Ian Somerhalder
      Jamie- logan lermen or Josh hutcherson either ore
      Seeker- Christina Ricci
      Uncle Jeb- Sam Elliott
      Kyle- Channing tatum or Chris Evans
      Sunny-Rachel Bilson
      Doc- Christian bale


      • Lorren


  • guest

    If ^ gets cast as Jerad, it has the potential to be as bad as Robert Pattinson casted as Edward.

  • Behonest

    Are u kidding me? Our Jared….Him? Impossibile. It’s just a humor… And Jared is tall, blonde and actractive…There’s nothing hot in Josh…I-dont-care-who. Hope it’s false coz if it’s true I will be very very angry and I’ll not watch the movie!

  • Sweetfairy1987

    He CAN’T be Jared!!! Also he is too young!!!
    I want Jensen Ackles or Steve Byers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • guest

      Steve Byers? Yes Please!

  • EmmieLouWho


  • Army Babe86

    I agree Jensen Ackles is sooo perfect for the role of Jared!!


  • alea

    this guy is horrible i dont like him

  • ninja

    please let this not be him, i mean cmon!!! he has to hot!! just saying melanie and wanda cant fall in love with a guy looking like that, but im sure he can one of the people who lives in the came with them…just not a main character….

  • ruby


  • CreytiaAster

    I like the Jensen dude… and Matt Bomer for Ian. PLEASE!!!

  • Jay-jay

    OMG!!!! plzz dont let this be jared!!!!!!!! he’s cute but he is no jared!!! at ALLLL!!! i want JENSEN ACKLES!!!!!! ugh im not watchin this movie if he is jared…. its like twilight all over again!!!!!!!!!

    • Lorren


  • Vgaviota

    Please b false!!!!! KUNO BECKER…pleaseeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He soooo deserves a role like that to catapult him into Hollywood.

  • Rhonbagisip

    yeah, jensen ackles would do great.. he’s perfect for jared.

    • Keddy_kat

      it’s so true, jensen is most definately the best choice.

  • Rhonbagisip

    and sophia bush for wanda/mel

  • bethica1281

    I don’t think they are even making this a movie… all rumors

  • bethica1281

    but i agree, this kid DOES NOT look like a Jared… definitely Jenson Ackles… or someone else!!!

  • Ksmccl

    I see Jared in my head as Jonas Armstrong from the BBC’s Robin Hood…

  • Bananasbubbly

    This guy is going to make a horrible Jared if he is the real Jared.Why Stephanie why!!Why does she always cast ho’s and horrible actors? Kirsten Stewart=HO Robert Patterson=bad actor.I don’t know if ill see the movie now.

  • Amy

    Jensen Ackles really would be perfect! This Brody guy is no way hot enough to play Jared.

  • Ash

    Has this been discredited yet?
    There is no way this pip squek could play jared.
    Listen to the fans you moronic hollywood people. WE WANT JENSEN!!!!!

  • I do hope its false, yeah very fishy the situation with the twitter/name mmm

  • Anonymous

    The answer is a HELL NO to this guy !

  • Alexhegh

    I kind of imagined Jared of being more buff, and taller, masculine looking. I dont think this guy looks like he would fit the part, but if you are all confident, if you KNOW he has what it takes then lets see?

  • Spacemaking123

    Anybody thought about – Joe Manganiello – He is what I saw Jared as, I like him better than Jenson Ackles…

  • florence

    oh thank god he looks nothing like jared i think that Jensen Ackles or Ryan Reynolds would be PERFECT for the role

  • SKAR

    okay the guy listed above made me vomit… definately no Jared and i wouldn’t even watch a movie with him in a leading role even if it was the beloved HOST.

    Jensen Ackles does fit my picture. Good job people. I hope he IS jared!

  • Orangeeffee

    You’re all crazy! Ian Somerhalder is PERFECT for Ian!!!!

  • Janee Pugh

    I will be so sad if they cast a too young guy.

  • Hellen_fer

    does anybody know when the official and real cast for the movie will be posted??? I’m dying to know

  • Adragos

    no, no, no, not jared. he should more mature. This is a kid…

  • Sherene

    Totally agree. Jensen Ackles would be perfect. I am reading the book and he is totally what I imagine Jared to look like.

  • Ruedan91

    No no no no this kid is no Jared I really really hope this is a rumor this kid is going to mess up the hole movie!!!!!!!!!

  • plur

    Melany = Missy Peregrym or Kirsten Steward or Ashley Greene
    Jared = Jensen Ackles or Kellan Lutz
    Ian = Ian Sommerhalder
    Jamie = Logan Lerman
    Kyle = Joaquin Phoenix
    Doc = Matthew Fox
    Jebediah = Kris Kristofferson or Hugh Laurie
    Seeker = Christina Ricci
    Wanda = no idea…

    • rosayyx3

      i love Christina Ricci as the Seeker. It couldnt be more perfect. And Jensen Ackles! Please! hes georgeous.

    • Brigitte

      Oh my gosh!!! I wanted Missy Peregrym for Melanie TOO!!!!!! She’d be perfect!!

    • Allie

      HOLYSHIT!!! you must love twilight because your crazy if you think the people in charge of casting are putting ANY people from that movie in The Host… and Saorise Ronan was officially cast as Melanie.. Seriously! its everwhere, Check youtube. Clevver TV did a thing about it. SHE is the ONLY official cast member

    • Allie

      and one more thing… Kristen Stewert got nominsted for WORST actress and i am pretty sure that she won…. AND SHE IS SO PALE.. melanie is supposed to be tan. i know saorise ronan isnt tan but trust me they will do something about that

    • SVB

      So true!! Please choose these people!!!! 

  • Marez3397

    Josh Hutcherson-Jamie
    Ian Sommerhalder-Kyle O’Shea (he does a good bad guy…)
    Jared Howe-Jensen Ackless
    I dont’t care about the rest of the cast….. but I was so sad when it said some Emerson got cast instead of Ackless. He does great work.

  • Miss_E

    Melanie : Sophia Bush (after seeing a lot of fan vids)
    Jared : Jensen Ackles!!! no none else can be Jared!… it just has to be him 🙂
    Jamie: Josh hutcherson
    Ian: Ian sommerhalder
    Kyle: Chris Hemsworth
    Doc: … not sure…
    Wanda: Brittnay snow
    Jeb: jim beaver or Sam elliot
    Seeker: christina Ricci

  • Elvenpath52

    Wow, it’s so random for so many people to be practically reading my mind about who should play Jared. When I was reading the book I pictured him to look like Jensen Ackles! Jensen MUST play this part and clearly EVERYONE thinks it!!! Please, please, please cast Jensen as Jared.

    Jensen as Jared = PERFECTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ana

    Logan Lerman as Jamie is such a great choice! Jensen is too. I don’t think i’d like to see anyone from the twilight cast in the Host. I really hope they get a good Ian, i loved his character.

  • Kira

    Ahhh I love Jenson Ackles. Personally I think he would be better as Ian but he would do nicely as Jared too.
    jared padalecki would be a fine choice for Jared too.

  • JRR

    Thoughts on Cast:  I think “Plur” nailed it with just a few changes…
    Jeb- Got to be Sam Elliot!  Perrrfect! (Kris would work too)
    Kyle – He’s got to be a big boy- Til Scheiger??
    Wanda – That is hard but how about Anna Sophia Robb ?
    Seeker – Ashley Williams

  • Jennytutter

    I always saw Conrad Coleby as Jared. I think he would be perfect!  

  • My friend Laura and I completely agree that Alex Meraz should be cast as Jared!!! Perhaps our next Cast This should be Jared 🙂

  • luvin_30S.T.M

    JARED LETO TO BE JARED AND NOT JUST CUZ OF THE NAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xx

  • Vicky

    I hope Jensen Ackles turns out to be Jared. Or maybe Kellan Lutz. While I read the story he was the one who cam tomy mind.
    Ian Somehalder has to be Ian O’shea. He has to. He’s perfect for the character.

  • HostFan

    Melanie/Wanderer=Saoirse Ronan or Sophia Bush
    Jared =Jensen Ackles
    Jamie=Logan Lerman
    Ian=Chace Crawford
    Kyle=Ian Somerholder
    Doc=Christian Bale
    Jeb=Sam Elliot
    Sharon=rachelle lefevre
    Wes=Liam Hemsworth
    Lily=Emily Osment 
    Seeker/Lacey=Christinna Ricci
    Sunny=Rachel Bilson

    • Magaray

      HostFan.  Several great casting.  Easier to list those I disagree with:
      Logan is 19 years old…. Jamie is 14.  I guess Hollywood can doctor him up.
      Liam is too well known for a minor roll as Wes
      Christian is so-so as Doc.  He can do any role though

      Great picks include:
      Sam Elliot
      Rachelle Lefevre
      Christinna Ricci…. brilliant.. height, attitude, acting … can carry the part

  • Cluhmxie Ar_02

    I don’t like him :(((((

  • Monique Stevens37

    but what about Sophia Bush She would be great and ian somerhalder

  • Saga254

    Jared = Jensen Ackles PLEASE

  • Erin

    oh my gosh i didnt even think of that jensen ackles as jared. that would be perfect! melanie reminds me almost of that one chick lana off of smallville but not quite like that..and ian..almost like the main guy on john tucker must die or the main guy on easy a 

  • Azinazarnoosh


  • deea

    I think Ian somerhalder would be perfect for the role of Ian,I mean It’s PERFECT

  • Goodbyetwilight

    It’s surely false…Btw, where did you get this information? wth!..I lost my time reading this article. But I’m so happy that Saoirse Ronan has been cast for the role of Melanie StryderWanda…She’s really a beautiful girl with unforgettable eyes! 🙂

  • Alleiah


  • Kay

    It is fake Someone asked him on Twitter he sais… And i quote ‘no not that i know of. I was offered an audition but i turned it down cuz i dont know what the host is about.

  • suzan

    why not use the movie stars from the twilight saga in the host they would fit fine

  • Kay

    To the person who said they should just cast the twilight saga cast… NO!.
    Because then the movie will be twilight related when it isnt. They wou;dnt fit it fine because everyone would be waiting for Taylor Lautner (Who would be casted as Jared) to turn wolf. Fans would be waiting for the cullens in whatever character they are casted as, to start sparkling. Its not ideal to have them. Plus, they already have earned enough money from Stephanie Meyers book franchise.  
    Personally, i think newbies should be casted.

  • Saffron

    Please choose Jensen Ackles instead!! He is perfect!! 🙁 

  • Saffronvb

    And Chace Crawford or Ian Summerhalder for Ian!!!! 🙂 

  • Dia4595

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOO………. I want Jensen as Jared Howe……………… He is perfect!!  Jensen Rocks!!

  • melanie martell

    max irons was cast as jared 🙂 I always imagined it being him.