Ian Somerhalder for Ian?

GQ Magazine did an interview with Ian Somerhalder (Lost, The Vampire Diaries) about various things while on a promotional tour for The Vampire Diaries.  A lot of The Host fans want Ian to play Ian.  I am on the fence on this subject.  He is asked in the video around the five minute mark about the rumors that he may be in the movie.

Click here for the article and video

Source: GQ, TheHostSeries

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  • twilouca

    well, this is something!
    Who knows!

    i want so badly see Ian as Ian!!! *_*

  • Isabella

    yes, *-* Ian is perfect

  • Yes, Ian is perfect….. 🙂

  • Ian is perfect

  • rosayyx3

    no..i dont want ian somerhalder to be ian. Mainly because when i pictured Ian in my mind, he was this big , tall, strong, muscular , hot man, with big beautiful eyes, like an Emmet Cullen type physique. And, to me Ian Somerhalder is too skinny and bearded . I dont know, he just doesnt seem like an Ian O’Shea, to me. I wouldn’t mind someone like Sean Faris:)