Erik Fellows as Ian?

It was brought to my attention today that Erik Fellows is listed on The Host IMDB page as rumored to be cast as Ian O’Shea. This is not official.  IMDB tends to put things up if a rumor gets enough steam.  Ian Somerhalder was once listed as rumored for Ian also.  Looks like Fellows only major role so far has been on Days of Our Lives.  Any thoughts on him being (possibly) in the running for Ian?

Thanks to Taylor for the heads up.

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  • Jasonm

    I loved him on Days!! I hope its true

  • Babe123

    Well he looks a lot like Somerhalder… I think he fits the build

  • NO, just NO !!

  • isabella

    No, no, no, no… We want Ian Somerhalder (L)

  • Pwooden

    Most of the Twilight stars were not major actors–sometimes that works in their favor.
    The important question is–who is the best actor?

  • brianna

    He works for Ian totally.. he is very yummy

  • brookef

    Having a new face like this could be good…. I like the idea…. He has a star quality

  • Kayla W

    Definitely not. He looks like a creeper. He doesn’t fit the bill. Ian is supposed to be more bulky and manly. Casey Affleck or Tom Welling or Kellan Lutz or Johann Urb should play Ian

  • kimmberly

    I think he fits the build perfectly i went on his imdb:

  • riley

    Either Ian or Kyle… he is very good looking

  • lilyann

    Looks like a creeper? There is nothing creepy about this guy… i dont even know who he is but he is really HOT!!

  • i do not want him as Ian, i thought Ian would look a little younger and les masculine
    he looks more like kyle i would say

  • gracenancy

    He makes a good Kyle

  • Sarahcpascoe

    i think he would make a perfect kyle,hes got that scary look in his eyes, but dont forget ian is ment to scare wanda in the begining.

  • Keddy_kat

    eww, not this guy :S Preferable somerhalder, or wentworth miller… 😀

  • Mbailey525

    I dont know. I dont really know if that fits Ian’s charactor in the book. I expected him to be more rough looking and have shorter hair because of the circumstances. I expected him to be a bit larger in muscle and WAY bluer eyes. Thats like, a big thing in the book. But he also has to look very gentle when he wants to be. I just dont know if this guy can live up to all of this. I want the movie to be just a amazing as the book was. He’s cute and all, but i dont know.

    • xoxo

      All that stuff you mentioned is not really an issue because it can be changed. Haircut? Contacts? Makeup that makes him look tougher? It can all be fixed… And Kyle is more of the big muscles one not Ian..

  • Mbailey525

    And for the people who say Kyle, NO! He has to be way more strong looking and have wayy more muscle than this little guy.

  • Christina R1987

    NO!!!!!!! Sorry this dude is freaking fugley. Ewe grose, you people are crazy! Beside he looks way too old.